Green IP International and Durapi have collaborated to pursue opportunities in the Middle East region. Our joint expertise will allow for successful completion of projects within the defined parameters of "Time, Cost and Quality" to the client. We endeavour to be the preferred service provider of multi-disciplinary professional services in the region for mega-infrastructure projects.

GreenIP International

Middle East Board

The Board of the Middle East Operations is led by the experienced trio of Mr M Kamedien, Mr MI Petersen and Mr LR Maharaj. Jointly, they bring a wealth of experience to the Middle East operations with particular focus on Project Management and Multi-disciplinary skills for infrastructure Projects.

Strategic Objective

  • To establish economic bridges between South East Asia and Middle East & Africa Regions; focusing initially on the Holy Cities, as well as on Hajj & Umrah Services; and thereafter on the prevailing opportunities in these Regions.
  • The main purpose of our endeavours is to serve the local communities; through economic and human development, and creating economic opportunities leading to the welfare and prosperity of these communities.
  • Our approach necessitates a technological business and social platform which is one of the main ingredients of success in the current international business practices and management.

Project Consultant/Management Team

Main Tasks

  • Finding economically viable projects that would be of interest to the different interest groups; and bringing these groups together towards realization of the project.
  • Initial evaluation of the project to ensure viability and marketability
  • Presentation to would be interest groups
  • Conducting detailed evaluation when requested by interested clients
  • Bringing together the different clients and ensuring the success of the collaboration
  • Managing the project to the point of realization by an independent team
  • Providing overall construction management and supervision as and when required

GreenIP International/Durapi Prospective Projects

We currently have two prospective real estate development projects in Makkah Region:

  • A food packaging project in Makkah Region
  • Other real estate development (residential for the government) in Makkah Region
  • Solar Farm project in the Philippines

New alternative energy and water treatment projects that can be useful in our projects or in the regions we serve according to our mission and vision.

  • Real estate development and construction (commercial, industrial, residential); including intelligent green technologies in support of these communities.
  • Throughout our activities, particular interest is to be focused on human and economic development of communities through building skills and providing economic opportunities.

Our areas of activities, beside the Holy Cities and Saudi Arabia, are the Middle East, and African countries using South Africa as a gateway.